Check You Grammar with this Amazing Tool


If you’re looking to check your grammar in a quick and easy way then we suggest one of the hottest sites on the internet: Grammarly

Grammarly advertises itself as being an automated proofreader and “your personal grammar coach”. We tried it, and we agree.

Not only is Grammarly fast and easy to use it really does work much better than any other proofreading and grammar checking service online. The company boasts the ability to correct up to “10 more mistakes” than other popular word processors. We can’t verify this but we did find the tool extremely useful for correcting both simple and complex documents.

One of the highlights of Grammarly is a tool that enables you to cross-check a document against a huge database of documents for plagiarism. This is an amazing tool that teachers, professors, and even students can use to “green light” reports, essays, and even simple assignments.

The one down-side, if there is one, to Gramarly is that it’s more popular services are fee-based. In other words, you can use the basic tools for free but you need to upgrade for a price if you want the full use of all of the tools.